What would be the next attack

Terrorism is not something that comes from nowhere.

The fact that the United States is haunted by the attack from Islamic fundamentalists seething with hatred for it proves to some extent that the seeds of terrorism are not stifled at the begins and can pose a detrimental effect to the America’s prosperity. When boosting the liberalism, the ultimate democracy and so-called free speeches from the Constitution, the United States founding fathers envision a society full of political participation, with everyone’s voice being heard, in order that all the decisions about where this country is heading for are in the hands of its people, instead of the legislators, jurists and executives who may or may not reflect the volitions of them. However, just like the fact that free market can default in somewhere, is there someplace where such freedom is not as effective as it was thought to be and the forces of governments should intervene. And in my opinion, terrorism lies in such place.

Let’ s see what Chinese government would react when terrorism attack happens. Since the violence in the capital last fall, the country has been rocked by brutal attacks at railway stations in the cities of Kunming and Urumqi. The unrest is orchestrated by overseas Islamic terrorists groups. After attack, entire cities are sealed off by checkpoints, and there are growing limits on people’s right to travel, worship and dress as they please. It must seem to American people that such reaction is unbearable as it violates most of the Constitution. And I am not requiring American government to imitate such response, but from the result, we can see during such special time, people there are content and satisfied with what governments did and demanded because government lets people know that national armies and forces are behind them. Even though the freedom is squeezed at that time, people and government are united and deem that trade-off is worthwhile and reasonable.

Maybe next time we joke at communist or the Big Brother, we are to reminded that there is no absolute ideology or even absolute freedom. Freedom takes on different forms at different times and this time- the violence period- freedom is in incarnation of the will of being alive and not fearful, which far outweighs any other rights.