On Vision

I have been haunted with the question that what defines the gap between visions and reality.

recently, there is an internet forum host in China and a lot of celebrity have attended such as Ma Huateng, Jack Ma, Li Yanhong and as on. they are the leaders of the most successful internet companies in China-BAT and they arrest the world’s attention. in the forum, they share their views on the future of technology and internet. some say there will be no internet at all in the future, for every items around you can exchange data and display information through electric wave and therefore “internet” as a word specifically for the place to load into the internet becomes pointless because everything is already in it. some say we will embrace a multi-screen world, the curved, pliable ones will reign popularity. some points out the privacy…

we witness a lot of insights and opinions and what on earth is the right one, or to be more generally, which is more likely to be the future?

vision is the kind of thing that everyone has access to despite identity, age and even knowledge. the illiteracy can also raise they voices on other things and to some extent we can say they are uttering they visions. but what distinct the vision from the ordinary and extraordinary is that the extraordinary is obsessed with what he expressed. he is totally allured by the world he depicted in his mind, and he would therefore promote, spread and try it.

such passion and the attempt to make it happen are the difference.

those who are separate from the area may possibly raise some innovative points because of the unconstraint mind but the what eventually determined whether or not it is really possible is the people inside the area. one must have professional insight to create professional product. we cannot expect a chef to craft a ten-storey castle unless it is made of chocolate:) rather, an real amazing work can be made from the architect who is also skilful in cooking and thoughtful enough to apply cooking skills. the ability to express one’s passion and vision and the ability to arrest the similar minds are the two pillars for successful leadership.

it also dawned on me that in the last of steve jobs’ life, he said to tim cook: from now on, do not think what jobs would do if he is alive, but lead the company as you think… it is a touching sentence and is filled with wisdom. steve jobs indeed is the most honourable and outstanding leader in out times- a truly maverick mind. but what disgusts me is the disbeliefs and rumours that the apple empire no longer exists and those investors who claimed to short apple’s share. and unfortunately, the apple’s share plunged by 20 billions. i am upset about the steve’s death but i also know for sure that the success of apple company is never the result of steve’s own efforts, but the mass innovative mind power from its creative employees. and one of the best things steve did is that he focus all the remarks and labels on himself. not letting outsiders know who create the ipod or iPhone or iPad but only know the steve jobs isolate and protect his innovative employees from ferocious criticism. after all, what thwarts the brightest is the disbeliefs. and steve determined to undertake all criticism on his shoulder(indeed with praise but steve is not the kind of person who brag on one’s achievements right). he believe in his vision and persuade others to believe in it and eventually it become our’s.

“to the genius” is, if i remember correctly, one of the advertising apply company used to promote iPod. steve said: those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.

O’capital, My capital!